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Top Quality 1" S.S. Eye End $9.95



Window Spacers 4-pack  1"


7/8" Also Available





Q: How do I Measure my Bimini Top frame to get the Correct Size Fittings?


A: The best way to measure is to remove one of your existing fittings and then using a ruler or tape measure, measure the inside end of the fitting. The other method is to measure the Outside diameter of the tubing. The size should be either 7/8" or 1"



Q: My Bimini Top has Nylon Plastic fittings, can I replace all the fittings with Stainless Steel?


A: Yes, Griffin World Traders offers a kit with all the fittings you will need to replace all your Nylon Fittings with Top Quality Stainless Steel Fittings. We just need to know how many bows are on your frame. We have 3, 4, and 5 Bow fitting kits available.




Q: How can I repair a deck cleat that was just screwed down, and pulled off, and now I have stripped holes in my fiberglass?


A: All deck hardware, cleats, deck hinges, deck plates, railings etc... should be thru bolted, using an aluminum backing plate on the underside to spread out the load.

Griffin World Traders carries a selection of Aluminum Backing Plates in various sizes that you can use to fasten your deck Hardware properly.

 Stripped or oversize holes in fiberglass can easily be repaired by using our 2 part epoxy gel glue.

Q: I bought some Stainless Steel Screws and Bolts at my local home center  to use on my boat and in less than a year they are rusting?


A: Not all Stainless Steel is the Same.

The bolts you bought are most likely made of 304 Stainless Steel which is a lower grade of Stainless Steel.

The Top Quality hardware Griffin World Traders sells is made from 316 Stainless Steel, which is a lot more Corrosion resistant than 304 Stainless Steel. Our Hardware might be a little more expensive but when it comes to saltwater use, a little means alot...



Q: How can I stop my plastic side curtains from getting scratched, or damaged by rubbing on my Bimini Frame?


A: Griffin World Traders carries a snap on plastic spacer kit. We sell them in a (4) pack, and they are available for both 7/8" and 1" Bimini Top frames.



Q: I need a special fitting for my boat that I don't see on your website?


A: Just email us, and tell us what you are looking for. We will work hard to help you find what you need.


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Quick Release Pins, 4-Pack $19.95



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